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The datacenter industry is built on projects - design, build, commission, process development, upgrades, moves & changes etc., and all needing people with different skills for the duration of the project.

Project Solutions can provide datacenter professionals prepared to go anywhere at short notice. We can assemble and deploy teams in days, "parachuting" them into project situations to ensure that you have resources on tap that can be turned on and off as needed. Our network of datacenter specialists is global, allowing you to source the experts required for any geographical region, safe in the knowledge that the resources we provide are in full compliance with local tax, immigration and employment regulations. The speed of deployment enables you to plan for projects, only bringing resources on board when projects begin.

The flexible nature of our service allows clients to bid for projects without the need to hire people in advance and the speed of deployment enables planning for multiple projects, adding and removing resources in line with the programme.

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