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XMLdation is specialised in testing and simulating all payment-related XML. It offers reliable and efficient real-time services and products that speed up ISO 20022 XML migration projects, while decreasing costs and saving time.

XMLdation services are XML Validator® and Bank Simulator, which are provided through the internet as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Services can be used at any time and any place to test, validate and simulate XML files against bank-specific business rules and logic.

The cornerstone for the growth of XMLdation is the worldwide migration to ISO 20022 XML, as well as the formation of SEPA in Europe.

Cost-efficient support for XML migration projects

The XML migration process requires a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use testing tool. XML Validator offers reliable and cost-efficient support for XML migration projects.

The XMLdation validation service is a web-based, flexible multibank solution with real-time and automatic feedback. XMLdation service validates and tests payment-related ISO 20022 XML files, such as SEPA credit transfer, SEPA direct debit, non-Euro (international payments), request for transfer (MT101) and XML e-invoices.

The XMLdation validation service is used for testing and validation during both the XML migration and maintenance phases.

In addition to the structure and syntax defined by the XML schemas, the validation also covers bank-specific business rules and business logic.

Bank simulator for bank-to-customer messages

XMLdation Bank Simulator covers bank-to-customer messages. The product simulates a bank's response and feedback when a corporate customer has sent an XML payment file. It simulates the functionality of the bank and generates feedback and response files under various pre-defined circumstances.

Scenarios are implemented in cooperation with the bank's own rules that allow the customer to benefit from the whole scale of XML, such as pain.002, camt.054, camt.053, camt.052 and mt940.

XML - worldwide megatrend

ISO 20022 XML is not only a SEPA-related phenomenon; In fact, it has become and will continue to be a worldwide megatrend.

All stakeholders, such as banks, corporates and payment service providers, have to change their mindset. No longer is XML only a technical language and tool. It offers a common framework for STP automation and end-to-end processes. XML requires, however, a new and innovative way of thinking. The change of the STP process is real, not just fine-tuning.

The most important thing is that there is a common understanding of the future development. Organisations such as Common Global Implementation group (CGI) play important roles in this process.

Why choose XMLdation?

The key for successful XML migration is testing.

XMLdation enables a real win-win situation, providing cost and time savings for both the bank and its corporate customers. In addition, there is less need for test analysing resources.

XMLdation is the answer to successful XML migration.

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Samlink: Remarkable Savings in Time 29 August 2012 Samlink has experienced remarkable savings in time and thus improved its business after starting collaboration with XMLdation.


YIT: Cooperation with XMLdation Shortened Testing Times and Decreased Costs 29 August 2012 YIT has shortened testing times for its banking data as a result of cooperation with XMLdation. In addition, projects have become more efficient and costs have decreased.

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