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Mahindra Comviva is the global leader in providing mobility solutions. It is a subsidiary of Tech Mahindra and part of the $16.7 billion Mahindra Group. With an extensive portfolio spanning mobile finance, content, infotainment, messaging and mobile data solutions, Mahindra Comviva enables service providers to enhance customer experience, rationalise costs and accelerate revenue growth. Its mobility solutions are deployed by over 130 mobile service providers and financial institutions in over 90 countries, transforming the lives of over a billion people across the world.

Across the world, financial services delivery and access is undergoing a sea change. Mobile is the new medium, access is the new paradigm. In both developing markets and the mature ones, this transformation now offers unique opportunities to businesses - telcos, banks or retailers. Mahindra Comviva is equipping businesses to seize these opportunities with unique, innovative, scalable and secure mobile financial solutions, each of which is built on Mahindra Comviva's global leadership and trust. Mahindra Comviva's mobile financial solutions are deployed by more than 120 mobile service providers (MNOs), financial institutions and retailers in over 55 countries. Mahindra Comviva offers mobile financial solutions addressing the needs of both issuers and acquirers.

mobiquity® Wallet - Integrated mobile wallet for digital payments and mobile marketing

Millennial consumers are now demanding greater convenience in the way they bank, pay and shop. mobiquity® Wallet enables businesses - banks, telcos, and retailers - to engage millennial consumers in a more meaningful way by integrating payments, mobile marketing, loyalty programmes, location-based services, analytics and social features. It is a flexible platform that enables innovation in payments and provides robustness that is designed to support a large and complex ecosystem.

mobiquity® Wallet is a comprehensive digital wallet solution that embraces all aspects of consumer engagement - whether technology, security or consistency of experience. It is one of the first wallet platforms to use a host of technologies including NFC - SE and HCE, QR Code, Biometrics and BLE, to create unified, compelling consumer experiences by offering personalised, context-aware and easy-to-consume services and promotions. mobiquity® Wallet enables both remote and proximity payments, and facilitates an omni-channel customer experience.

mobiquity® Money - Stored value, account-based mobile money solution

When mobile technology penetrates all rungs of a society, it unleashes a tremendous potential to bring every section of the society into the financial mainstream. mobiquity® Money is a solution that is built in recognition of this potential, and serves to elevate communities of consumers by offering integrated and easy-to-use financial services. Using a stored value account as its fulcrum, mobiquity® Money delivers a host of services such as money transfers, utility bills payments, merchant payments, ticket purchases, salary payments, supplier payments and international remittances. Consumers of mobiquity® Money can also gain access to a whole host of micro-financial services like savings, loans and insurance.

Deployed by over 50 mobile operators and banks in more than 40 countries, mobiquity® Money is a scalable, flexible and transparent solution that can seamlessly integrate with banking and third-party systems fostering open eco-systems and interoperability. Mahindra Comviva's partnership with MasterCard allows open loop merchant payments and open APIs enable rapid expansion of the merchant acceptance network. Pre-integration with remittance service providers such as Western Union facilitates quick launch of international remittance service. mobiquity® Money empowers service providers to drive mobile money usage by delivering promotions and loyalty programmes.

mobiquity® Banking - New age mobile banking solution

Banks today have to be aligned with the rapidly changing expectations of the digitally empowered consumers. Staying in step with this change is an opportunity to tap revenue growth and enhance loyalty. mobiquity® Banking is a next-generation digital solution that takes banking beyond the Internet and fully harnesses the power of mobile centric features like location, camera and notifications. mobiquity® Banking enables businesses to adopt a cost-efficient mobile delivery strategy, rapidly launch new services and features using any preferred device.

mobiquity® Banking delivers a personalised banking experience with features such as ATM/branch locator, remote account opening, cheque book request, remote cheque deposit, transaction notifications, management of loan accounts, control-over-card services, fund transfers, bill payments, in-app communication with customer care and many more. The platform seamlessly connects to core banking systems and card hosts while ensuring high security with multi-factor authentication.

PreTUPS™ - Electronic recharge, voucher management and operator billing

With the prepaid business growing rapidly across all markets, service providers require innovative and scalable solutions to address the needs of this important revenue segment. PreTUPS™ is an evolved electronic recharge platform and a proven distribution management solution, which enables prepaid service providers such as telecom, payTV and broadband achieve growing business targets, manage diverse prepaid customers and create value for each customer. PreTUPS™ serves 740 million mobile users in over 55 deployments in more than 40 countries.

PreTUPS™ enables prepaid service providers to leap beyond traditional airtime transactions by automating operational workflows in sales, distribution, inventory and pricing. Whether it is an assisted electronic recharge via a retailer or a self recharge via channels such as SMS/USSD, Web, ATM, kiosk, PreTUPS™ delivers a reliable and consistent customer experience. The platform creates new revenue streams through value-added services such as P2P Airtime Transfer, SOS Credit, Top-Me-Up, Gift Recharge and Carrier Billing. PreTUPS™ extends service reach beyond electronic formats with robust mechanisms for managing physical vouchers.

payPLUS - Comprehensive mobile POS solution

Lack of penetration of POS devices and associated constraints limit the usage of card-based and other non-cash payment instruments. payPLUS equips businesses with an app and a mini card reader to accept card payments through a highly secure gateway. It addresses the needs of any merchant; be it on-the-go or in-store, brick-n-mortar or online, small or large. It harnesses the power of the cloud to extend a range of compelling services to support rapidly evolving business requirements.

The solution can be seamlessly integrated and customised to support and simplify payment acceptance, billing and reconciliation. It also empowers businesses to deliver campaigns and offers based on consumer's location. Loaded with a range of payment-related services, payPLUS is a one-stop solution for all requirements of businesses.

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