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Rockall Technologies is changing the way banks manage their collateral and how they can benefit from reducing their capital requirements. Whether a bank wants to grow their lending book, improve efficiency or reduce capital requirements, Rockall's solutions address all of these challenges. Rockall is a market leader in collateral management software for the banking book with a 100% reference-able global customer base. Our solutions are trusted by banks around the world and a number of the world's top ten banks have implemented our solutions.

Our solutions

Our solutions address the collateral management challenges in the areas of Wealth Management, Commercial Lending, Trade and Commodity Finance as well as Wholesale Banking.

With over 20 years' experience in the financial services technology market, Rockall Technologies continues to focus on the daily challenges banks experience with regards to managing and making the most efficient use of their banking book collateral. We are committed to helping banks manage and mitigate their risk and collateral profiles with unique software solutions that integrate seamlessly into their existing IT systems.

Built to comply with industry best practice, our solutions integrate with our customers' existing systems, reducing complexity, increasing visibility and eliminating data-entry errors. Our solutions allow banks to monitor the changing status of their collateral, respond quickly to alerts, generate reports automatically and comply with stringent regulatory environments.

Rockall solutions focus on the banking book collateral assets including real estate, physical assets, marketable securities, commodities, whole loans etc. With our solutions, a bank can move away from spreadsheets or other rudimentary tools to a clearer holistic view of the available banking book collateral. The key benefits of automating the collateral management function are first and foremost to mitigate risk, then to enhance user and customer experience, reduce costs through greater operational efficiency, and therefore be in a position to facilittate future growth of the bank.

Rockall Technologies Systematic Tracking of Collateral (STOC) solution set strategically focuses on each of the following areas.

Commercial Banking

STOC Commercial banking provides a retail or commercial bank with the solution to manage all aspects of the collateral lifecycle. STOC uses its centralised database to monitor and manage all aspects of collateral, documentation and the extent to which exposures are covered by the value of the collateral. The STOC banking product can be integrated with existing banking systems and external systems, avoiding the risk of data errors. When key underlying data (such as the value or amount of collateral) changes, recalculations are performed automatically, providing the bank with the revised customer position.

In the event that the value of collateral covering a customer loan is insufficient (or about to become insufficient), an alert is generated and workflow initiated to escalate and remedy the position. A key benefit of STOC banking is the ability to improve the quality of the collateral data feeding into improved Basel reporting, reducing the RWA and Capital Adequacy requirements and improving the profitability of the bank.

Wealth Lending

STOC wealth lending provides a bank with an application based on a centralised database. It stores all the required entities and data points needed to support the bank's collateral management process. It monitors and manages all aspects of liquid collateral (equities, bonds, cash etc.) and the extent to which exposures are covered by the value of the collateral.

STOC adopts a unified approach to managing collateral and security-backed loan bringing together all of the processes for managing customer positions into a single solution, including:

  • loans (commitments or outstanding balances)
  • collateral eligibility rules and collateral discounting rules (haircuts)
  • position monitoring (LTV/Margin)
  • regulations (e.g. Reg W 23 a/b. Reg U)
  • resolution management
  • relationship management
  • credit review.

Our solution consists of a central system that:

  • permits for the configuration of business rules
  • has workflow capabilities
  • integrates with other systems in the organization.

Our solution links to the key external systems such as trust and brokerage systems, loan origination and/or loan servicing and exposure systems as well as cash deposit systems. It calculates discounted (haircut) value of collateral based on user-defined rules, which are based on bank policy and can be adjusted/customised for individual customers and exposures. It brings client exposure and collateral data together, including cross collateral positions, so client positions (e.g. out of margin, concentration breaches) can be tracked automatically.

In summary, it monitors the LTV (loan to value) position and facilitates speedy, safe credit reviews. It is important to recognise that STOC supports regulatory monitoring such as Reg 23W a/b and Reg U.

STOC Trade

The complex nature and unique risks associated with trade and commodity finance requires close control and monitoring of the underlying financed goods and the ensuing cash flow from the sale proceeds, which together form the main security of the bank's credit exposure.

By demonstrating firm and effective control on their exposures and mitigants, a trade and commodity finance bank can achieve a reduction in the level of capital it employs in the business, thereby maximising the return on its disposable capital.

Rockall Technologies' STOC is a functionally rich product that automates the business processes of an FI in the STCF arena. It contains a centralised database containing all the required entities and data points to support the STCF business.

Wholesale banking

STOC wholesale automates all business processes around collateral tracking in one system, thereby eliminating manual processes and spreadsheet type systems. The STOC system is used for tracking the collateral posted by the member banks to secure advances. The system holds data about the advances to members as well as data about the collateral pledged. STOC wholesale is used extensively by the US based Federal Home Loan Bank network.

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