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Stulz is a leading pioneer in precision air conditioning, with over 40 years' experience in developing and producing air conditioning units in compliance with stringent quality standards and test criteria.

Under the name CyberAir 3, Stulz offers a comprehensive range of high-quality cooling systems for data centre air conditioning. All CyberAir systems are extremely energy-efficient, and can be further enhanced by chillers and indirect or direct free cooling.

In addition Stulz offers the innovative CyberRow, an in-line rack cooling solution. State-of-the-art control solutions such as the Stulz C7000 controller enable Stulz's precision air-conditioning systems to be fully integrated in modern data centre management solutions.

Data centre air conditioning

With the CyberAir 3 product series, Stulz offers highly reliable air conditioning systems with single or dual cooling circuits and capacities ranging from 18kW to 212kW. Stulz CyberAir 3 is available in eight different versions as air or liquid-cooled, flexible or mixed operation, and especially energy-efficient DFC (indirect) or DFC² (direct) free-cooling variants, which offer energy savings of up to 90%.

The CyberAir 3 guarantees maximum reliability and particularly cost-effective operation. To achieve this, Stulz combines energy-saving partial load components and high-efficiency EC 3D composite fans with an optimised air path that has been engineered on the basis of the latest findings from CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis.

Water cooling for large data centres and high-density racks

The CyberCool chiller programme offers several solutions, from large chillers up to 1,400kW for water-cooled data centres to indoor data chillers for rack cooling, including the CyberRow units. All solutions are available with an energy-efficient free cooling option.

Virtualisation and the demand for increased computing power mean that the average capacity per rack has risen dramatically in recent years. Typical heat loads produced by blade servers of up to 30kW per rack set completely new challenges for data centre cooling systems.

In order to avoid hotspots, air-conditioning equipment and server hardware are getting closer and closer together. With its combination of CyberCool and CyberRow-CW, Stulz offers an especially reliable high-density cooling system, in which the electronics and the water circuit are strictly separated.

Intelligent precision air conduction

CyberRow in-line rack coolers can be installed between existing server racks, and their transverse airflow ensures increased air throughput. What's more, this pinpoint precision air delivery effectively prevents hotspots.

All CyberRow in-line cooling units are equipped with EC variable speed fans. The air, glycol and free-cooling versions also have EC compressors that can work in partial load mode, guaranteeing extreme energy-saving operation. Thanks to zero-touch installation, with no connection to the rack, the units are especially suitable for modernising or upgrading existing data centre cooling solutions.

The units are independent from the rack manufacturer, and are compatible with all common cabinet systems.

Outstanding worldwide service

Whether you're in Frankfurt, London or New York, Stulz and its experienced specialists are never far away. Stulz boasts a comprehensive service network with its own air-conditioning experts and all-round support from sales partners around the world.

Consequently, customers can always expect competent support with start-up, maintenance and, of course, emergencies. The Stulz global service organisation is available 24hr a day throughout the year, offers rapid assistance, and makes sure your IT landscape has maximum availability.

Advising, optimising and saving on energy costs

For operators today, energy costs are among the defining factors in determining the cost effectiveness of their data centre. For some time now, green IT has no longer been merely an ideological issue but a basic economic prerequisite for businesses. Today's cutting-edge cooling solutions enable data centre operators to reduce running costs and significantly improve PUE (power usage effectiveness) with the added benefit of lower CO² emissions.

As part of our 'Mission Energy' campaign, leading experts from Stulz give advice on contemporary questions about energy-efficient data centre cooling, provide practical assistance in developing modernisation projects, and support the planning of highly economical new installations.

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