MYRIAD Group Technologies - Secure Network Management Platform for Banks and Brokers

MYRIAD Group Technologies is a technology company based in London, set up in 2004, which focuses on the financial services sector. The company's product is MYRIAD, a secure, robust and proven technology platform for network management teams at international banks and for brokers active in markets around the world. The MYRIAD platform is available via the internet and access is secure as it is controlled by the banks themselves.

As a supplier, document and cost management system, MYRIAD is unique in this field, combining tools that would otherwise remain un-integrated and expensive to maintain and develop.

Secure web-delivered platform for network managers

MYRIAD is a comprehensive suite of tools, designed to support network managers' pursuit of performance from their many supplier relationships. It sensibly organises documents, publishes convenient and up-to-date contact details, eases tariff comparisons and modelling, and exposes previously unfathomable connections between elements of corporate information.

MYRIAD is securely web-delivered and focuses on the accumulated assets of a firm's network of agents, suppliers and clients. It transforms the network management process, improving transparency and ease of access.

Management solutions for the international finance industry

MYRIAD can help businesses solve key management issues, analyse networks on an enterprise-wide scale, and deliver significant cost savings to your organisation through enhanced monitoring and control.

By providing enriched views of the complex detail associated with external relationship management, MYRIAD can help you avoid:

  • Redundancy in accounts or relationships that should be terminated to minimise risk
  • Out of date legal documentation that has not kept pace with service developments
  • Service level or pricing anomalies between similar providers
  • Fragmentation and duplication of effort amongst staff
  • Lack of knowledge amongst staff about markets, services and procedures

In brief, MYRIAD offers:

  • Risk reduction and increased control
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Direct cost savings
  • Improved use of specialised resource by automation of manually intensive tasks
  • Enhanced communication between network management and operations
  • Vastly improved MIS, transparency and shared knowledge-base throughout a user organisation

MYRIAD can be configured to your precise needs as it is modular, flexible and available at a range of pricing options.

Secure technology platform with total network visibility

MYRIAD gives you and your team intuitive control of a broader range of network information than you can expect from your present set up. MYRIAD displays information from the highest level in the firm, and lets you drill seamlessly to inspect detail as and when required.

With MYRIAD you have an instantaneous global view of your network and its relationships and accounts that you can access from anywhere on the Internet at any time. The application administrator at each bank can control what others may see depending on their role or territory.

Performance measurement for the business sector

MYRIAD gives you a set of tools to track and measure the performance of your suppliers against agreed service levels. You may already issue RFPs to determine suitable suppliers for your business. The MYRIAD platform can manage this process for you, helping to assemble market-specific requirements and scoring responses. Optionally you can publish the RFP to suppliers to respond securely on-line.

Fees validation toolset or technology

The fees toolset contain a number of powerful techniques for establishing agreed fee schedules, tallying actual transaction message counts against suppliers' periodic statements. These periodic charges can be verified against the fee schedule and validated for accuracy of billed volumes more comprehensively than other commercially available solutions achieve. The invoice input screens are designed to de-risk data capture and can be 'sandboxed' and made available to a specific department for bulk loading.

Productivity tools for the banking industry

Personalising your view of MYRIAD will greatly enhance the experience as well as helping to schedule and focus on current tasks. The unified alerts sub-system will always let you know about upcoming events that may need your attention. This could cover a range of tasks like reviewing statutory documentation, authorising or effecting an account closure or preparing for fee schedule renegotiation.

Flexible reporting tool for network managers

MYRIAD embeds a flexible reporting tool that gives you access to every data element you and your colleagues will have amassed in its finely tuned database. This area also yields system usage and security information that may be needed for audit purposes.

Reports may be run as one-off, ad hoc enquiries, or they may be stored for future reuse or scheduled for periodic output at times most convenient to feed into your own reporting cycles. Reports created and stored in MYRIAD can also be exported in a variety of formats including excel, XML and .csv files, for further manipulation and/or inclusion in other reporting tools.

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