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Becrypt's solutions empower staff to work in more flexible ways, while keeping sensitive data protected. Whether this is data held on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone device, whether it is saved on a CD/DVD or USB device, or if data is simply accessed via these devices over an internet or VPN connection, Becrypt has a range of products to ensure that the data is protected wherever your staff need to access it.

Some of the most secure organisations in the world rely on Becrypt data protection. We work with global organisations including many in financial services, and public sector organisations, such as governments, military, health, education and law enforcement.

Solutions for protecting commercial information and customer data

As sharing information and social networking is becoming the norm, protecting commercially valuable data is becoming ever more of a challenge. As well as safeguarding intellectual property, competitive information and customer data, firms also need to ensure compliance with legislation such as data protection, Sarbannes Oxley and the FSA. Data loss incidents can potentially result in bad press, loss of reputation and large fines from regulatory authorities.

Encryption and cyber-security for PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices

Becrypt's encryption and cyber-security solutions are available on a wide range of PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile form factors. Becrypt solutions encrypt data at rest and while on the move, for instance when being shared with authorised third parties using removable media, such as USB devices and CDs/DVDs.

Becrypt also provides a range of solutions to protect the end-point, ensuring that malware cannot be introduced to the network from unauthorised USB devices, and that sensitive commercial information, for instance customer information, can only be accessed and saved to approved media. This also helps to prevent valuable and/or sensitive data from being lost or stolen.

Enabling secure remote working with mobile solutions

Becrypt's innovative approach to cyber-security products for the protection of data in all situations has lead to the development of award-winning remote working solutions, which have been adopted by many organisations, including banks and other financial services companies.

Our mobile solutions enable staff to work securely from home, third-party locations and while on the move, even using their own equipment. This approach supports flexible working, environmental and property rationalisation policies, as well as providing business continuity options.

Our solutions are certified by the leading security assurance schemes, including CESG CAPS and CPA, CCT Mark, federal information processing standard (FIPS) and common criteria.

International software security

With operations in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia, Becypt has built a strong global presence with a management team experienced in the international software security market, global business development, international marketing and sales.

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