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Auraya is the developer of ArmorVox; the world's most advanced core voice biometric technology. Proven in mission critical applications - banking; financial services, government, national security, fraud detection, justice systems and smartphone security - ArmorVox is available worldwide to partners looking to integrate the latest voice biometric technology as a security feature of their solutions for major end-users.

In short "with ArmorVox there is no password to remember; no PIN to forget!"

Developed for omni-channel

With businesses worldwide undergoing digital transformation, there is an increasing demand for identity authentication solutions to support not just the traditional telephone channels, but also the emerging digital and browser channels. ArmorVox has been specifically developed for strong identity authentication in omni-channel applications. With its built-in tuners and proprietary Active Learning technology; ArmorVox automatically optimises accuracy for omni-channel, enabling support for landline, mobile, browser and IP voice communications environments and allowing ArmorVox to provide a unified authentication experience across all customer service channels, tradition telephony and emerging digital channels.

Identity-centric design

ArmorVox is also the world's only product to support all voice biometric modes - text dependent, independent, text prompted and fast speaker identification, and gender detection - in a single software system. With ArmorVox identity-centric architecture, a speaker can have any number of voice prints of any type. This enables a single identity to, say, have a text-independent voice print for passive conversational verification in the call centre, a text-dependent voice print for active verification in telephone self-services applications, and a text-prompted voice print for random channel response in smartphone and browser applications to overcome replay attacks and to prove "liveness" of the user.

Algorithmic paradigm shift

At the heart of ArmorVox are Auraya's proprietary language independent "speaker adaptive" voice biometric algorithms. Auraya's speaker adaptive algorithms are the result of vulnerability analysis of existing technologies used in mission-critical applications in banks and governments. These systems implement a simple single global threshold approach across all voice prints. However, this assumes that voice prints exhibit the same security performance, yet analysis of commercial deployments clearly shows this is not the case. Different communications channels, noise, interference and different speaker behaviours during enrolment lead to a wide variation in the security performance of voice prints. As a consequence, treating all voice prints equally by applying a simple single global threshold is inherently suboptimal.

Optimised voice biometrics

The solution is to implement thresholds optimised to the security performance of each voice print enrolled in the system. Unlike traditional systems, ArmorVox "speaker adaptive" algorithms automatically calibrate the security performance of each voice print at enrolment and set thresholds optimised to that voice print's security measure. The result is a system optimised for commercial deployment with threshold uniquely "adapted" to each speaker enrolled in the system irrespective of the channel, noise and speaker behaviours.

Open source exemplar applications

ArmorVox is designed specifically to enable partners to implement voice biometrics as a security feature of their applications they are creating for end-user customers and clients. To expedite applications/solutions development Auraya has created a variety of exemplar applications published under an open source license. These applications enable partners to rapidly develop demonstrators and to prove out business solutions for end-user clients and applications. Open source applications include enrolment and verification for IVRs, smartphone and browsers, and even include open source examples of fraud detection and tracking. Comprehensive partner support is provided via Auraya's on-line partner support portal based in Australia, meaning that European/US partners obtain overnight technical support.

Proven technology

ArmorVox is not only the most advanced technology globally, but is proven in some the world's most demanding voice biometric applications. The New Zealand Government uses ArmorVox to authenticate around 60% of the adult population of that country. The Canadian Government uses ArmorVox to secure network access. The Canadian Province of British Columbia use ArmorVox to authenticate government staff and the Commonwealth of Virginia uses ArmorVox to authenticate criminals. BNZ has enrolled around 50% of its retail customers in ArmorVox and banks in Australia use ArmorVox to authenticate customers and staff, and to track fraudulent transactions in trading rooms and banking.

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