Teradata Corporation - Raising intelligence through data warehousing, data warehouse appliances, consulting services and enterprise analytics

Teradata is the world's largest company solely focused on raising intelligence through data warehousing, data warehouse appliances, consulting services and enterprise analytics, with affordable, powerful, and easy-to-deploy solutions.

Teradata addresses a range of needs from data mart appliances to active enterprise data warehousing strategies, consulting services, and applications tailored to specific issues in a variety of industries.

Teradata Active Enterprise Intelligence™ solutions give actionable insight for smarter, faster decisions, adding value and real opportunity across countless dimensions.

Providing data warehousing for companies of all sizes, needs, and budgets, Teradata gives companies a smarter, more competitive enterprise.

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Manage the data enterprise 28 September 2011 With millions of customers, hundreds of products and a variety of distribution channels to contend with, banks are facing increasingly complex data challenges. In order to stay competitive and gain market share, integrated, scalable data warehouses are essential. Niels Lundorff, deputy CEO of recently launched Alior Bank, explains to Future Banking how Teradata's solutions are helping to enhance his organisation's business culture. read article


Profiting from Customer Profitability Measurement 28 September 2011 An effective CRM strategy requires a deep understanding of a bank’s customers to better anticipate their needs for products and services and their preferences in terms of delivery channels. This white paper shows how an effective customer profitability process contributes to that understanding and provides a way to measure the impact of CRM strategy.


Enterprise Event Management in Banks 28 September 2011 Event management has been used in the marketing area of banks for many years where ‘event based marketing’ has resulted in huge improvements in response and take-up rates. This white paper shows how event management techniques can be used in many other areas of the bank, including credit risk management, fraud, AML, internal audit and operational risk.


The Finance Information Factory 28 September 2011 The main system used by the finance function in banks has traditionally been the General Ledger however, increasingly over recent years financial work has been migrating to the data warehouse. This white paper explores this trend and the architectures that will take it to its logical conclusion, ‘the death of the General Ledger.’


Enabling the Agile Enterprise with Active Data Warehousing 28 September 2011 This white paper shows how you can deliver fast, analytical information to front-line users to support thousands of decisions every day. An active data warehouse built upon a solid enterprise data warehouse foundation from Teradata Corporation will enable you to extend your data warehouse to a new community of operational users and achieve 'active enterprise intelligence.'

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