ITS Global Financial Solutions - Global Leader in Shariaa Compliant Technology Solutions

ITS Global Financial Solutions is designed to help clients reach operational excellence, accommodate growth and achieve cost leadership in the terrain of Islamic banking and financial services.

As a member of the AAOIFI organisation, the professional expertise of ITS can be guaranteed through the company's unprecedented experience in providing innovative IT solutions and Islamic finance services.

ITS is recognised as a market leader within the Islamic Financial Industry and has been awarded a number of accolades and certificates, including: Best IT solutions Provider in Islamic Finance Industry from IIFF - IIR Middle East, Dubai and Best Islamic Financial IT Provider from World Finance.

With our prestigious customer list and success stories of hundreds of installations, you can rely on ITS Islamic finance solution or investment and treasury solution to exponentially grow, safe in the knowledge that ITS offers a robust solution that is continually tested and proven in some of the world's most demanding banking markets.

With a reputation and proven history as the end-to-end solution provider, ITS handles a wide array of activities, including infrastructure, implementation, integration and data centre services. In addition to proven professional and managed services capabilities, consultancy for startup banks, 24x7 support infrastructure and development customisations.

ETHIX: one compliant framework, endless product possibilities

At the heart of ITS's offering comes ETHIX - a mission-critical, innovative and best-of-suite solution that is continually tested and proven in some of the world's most demanding banking markets.

ETHIX is a strategic and affluent platform that covers conventional and Islamic banking, investment banking, universal banking, corporate and retail banking.

The ETHIX financial solution for Islamic financial institutions and investment companies is a Shariaa compliant solution that offers corporate and retail products and services in the areas of Islamic finance and investment and treasury.

Moreover, ETHIX covers wealth management, profit calculation and distribution, core banking, branch automation, trade finance and so on, and is supported by built-in customisable reports and a backbone of professional training and support services and a diversified catalogue of managed services.

ETHIX award-winning solution is designed in accordance to IFSB and central bank regulations to enable banks from launching new Islamic products in a timely and efficient manner. ETHIX encompasses a breadth of flexible business and technological features that facilitate the agile manufacturing and adoption of Islamic banking products according to diverse Shariaa needs.

ITS Global Financial Solutions, the award winning technology provider

With more than 30 years of existence in the financial services sphere, ITS Global Financial Solutions continuously confirms its superiority by the testimony of others through obtaining many regional and global awards, including:

  • The Most Outstanding IT Company for Islamic Finance 2012 by Kula Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum
  • Technology Company of the Year 2012 by Arabian Business
  • Best Technology Provider of the Year 2012 by Islamic Business and Finance Award
  • Best Islamic Technology Provider and Best Islamic Technology Product from Global Islamic Finance Awards at 2012 Asian Finance Forum

ITS Global Financial Solutions, Tuning Challenge into Growth

For more than two decades, ITS Global Financial Solutions has been a global leader in ethical banking solutions.

With more than 1,400 skilled professionals based in 25 offices, ISO 27001 and CMMI Level 5 certificates, ITS Global Financial Solutions implements innovative solutions for numerous valued clients across the world.

ITS Global Financial Solutions leverages its 32 years of unprecedented business experience in end-to-end solutions, together with the most progressive technology in the IT market, in addition to a global presence and a prestigious customer list of 250+ clients across the globe, to offer its customers a diversified portfolio of exceptional products, solutions and services.

ITS's global launch expanded across the Middle East into Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

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KUWAIT (Corporate Office)
Mubarak Al Kabeer Street
ITS Tower, Kuwait City
26729 Safat 13128
Kuwait City
+965 1803300
+965 22402797
+965 22409100

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