Phaymobile: A mobile world - Özgür Güngör

Phaymobile serves in the field of mobile technologies by developing end-to-end solutions for financial institutions, mobile network operators and processing centres all over the world. General manager Özgür Güngör discusses how the company combines the knowledge of banking technology and experience of talented human resources in mobile payment solutions with a visionary outlook for the industry.

Can you please give an overview of Phaymobile?

Özgür Güngör: Phaymobile was founded as a spin-off from SmartSoft in 2011. The team at Phaymobile has been working on mobile solutions since 2007, when the first trial with near-field communication (NFC) in Turkey, and the third in the world, was being developed. With the help of 13 years of Cardtek Group's experience in payment systems, Phaymobile is one of the prime software service providers in the mobile industry to establish payment infrastructures covering mobile financial services, TSM, integrated transportation back-end solutions, mobile loyalty, e-ticketing and entertainment, mobile wallet platforms and NFC solutions.

Can you briefly explain your operations in that field?

Contactless payments are shaping the future of payments in consumer's daily lives. It's one of the pillars for mobile payments. Following the trend of contactless payments and mobility, Phaymobile takes execution of any business case from the perspective of customer's ease of payment at the point of sale to a convenient data model for any mobile network operator, and then puts it in an EMV-certified secure information pack to be used by the provider of this service. In each step of this workflow, Phaymobile provides its products and services; WALLETxpert enables mobile financial operations; Secure Element Applets are used to ease secure payment; NFCxpert is configured for transferring data and providing real-time analysis; and TSMxpert is placed at the back end for securely finalisation of the operation in the systems of service providers.

What do you think of the movement of payments into mobile payments?

The movement in mobile space is obvious; changes in consumer behaviour where advantages of multiple devices are used; power of technology that increases usability and functionality; and mobility became the freedom of people as it was always promised to be. These different axes of change are converging in smart devices that are capable of making payments as well. We see that physical wallets are truly under pressure from mobile wallets. At Phaymobile, a member of Cardtek Group, we are providing mobile technologies by developing end-to-end solutions to financial institutions, mobile network operators and processing centres all over the world. Phaymobile can serve to all sector needs with its products and services that are designed to be independent from any specific vendor in the industry, and developed according to international standards.

What is the difference between Phaymobile and its competitors?

Phaymobile is a software powerhouse that is independent from any specific vendor. Our products are capable of working with all chip types simultaneously; they support AFSCM and GP standards with all versions at the same time; and are certified by MasterCard and Visa. TSMxpert is a multitenant product that can be integrated to multiple mobile network operators. A financial institution is the most comfortable when it uses TSMxpert, having all the power in its hands to execute many operations without any additional cost, is a great advantage for financial institutions.

What do you think of the growing penetration of e-commerce and m-commerce?

In fact, the penetration of e-commerce and m-commerce is a good leverage for NFC payments. Increased use of mobile devices and the need for security, lead us to a certified, proven and convenient use of NFC. As many merchants currently have contactless-enabled POS terminals in European markets, and smart phones including NFC chips are increasing every day, it will be more attractive for consumers to use these tools that make their life easier. Phaymobile is a supporter of this ease of use.

What innovative solutions will we see in the future?

Starting with NFCxpert and TSMxpert, Phaymobile aims to provide the newest technology in its area of expertise. We are committed to innovate even if it includes competitive solutions for NFC that we believe will be complementary in many cases. The future will be more mobile and more secure in payments, more variable in applications, and always innovative in the markets. Phaymobile will always be researching to make consumers' lives better, together with its partners. Some recent innovations that Phaymobile is making significant progress includes Secure-QR payments, HCE and M2Mxpert.

Phaymobile general manager Özgür Güngör.