Future Banking, in partnership with NICE Actimize, launches its latest episode, looking at the importance of banks adopting a 'Culture of Compliance'

10 March 2016

Financial Institutions are, as we know, now under the microscopes of regulatory authorities more than ever before. Whether it's data and reporting, stress testing and risk management, or the treatment of customers, regulators are increasingly more focused on compliance - and the onus is on the banks themselves to ensure they are both responding and adapting, to these evolving market conditions.

In our latest episode of Future Banking TV, we talk to Phil Rolfe, head of AML Services at Royal Bank of Scotland, as well as Micah Wilbrand, global director of AML Marketing at financial crime specialists NICE Actimize, about the importance of people, processes and technology, and the need to create, what is in effect, a 'culture of compliance' within a bank in order to help the financial services industry continue adapting to the ever-evolving AML challenge.

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