Future Banking, in partnership with IBM, launches its latest episode looking at Managed Cloud Services (the Right Cloud)

27 June 2017

Data sits at the very heart of banking transformation and the data centre is pivotal to modern banking operations.

Most banks, constrained by legacy applications, are reviewing their property portfolio sustainability and looking to move from a largely in-house to a hybrid computing environment. The Cloud offers exciting advantages such as greater agility compared with in-house data centres, but how can banks ensure they are obtaining the right cloud from the right vendor, thereby satisfying stringent regulatory and compliance standards as well as the required levels of availability and security to satisfy the most demanding regulators?

In our latest episode of Future Banking TV, we talk to Susan Volkman, director IBM Cloud Managed Services Europe, about the real value of the Cloud for businesses in today's digital world, the role of the Cloud in this new cognitive era and how having the right infrastructure is crucial for the financial services industry.

To view this episode please click here and for more information on IBM Cloud Managed Services, please click here.