Future Banking, in partnership with Anixter, launches its latest episode looking at the concept of the ‘Fat Data Centre Thin Building’

21 March 2017

The data centre sits at the heart of modern banking operations. In fact the modern bank is only as good as its data centre and every bank must ensure that its data centre is operating at maximum efficiency.

In our latest episode of Future Banking TV, we talk to Ashley Davis, MD IT Infrastructure at UBS AG, as well as Alan Farrimond, EMEA sales director at networking and communications specialist Anixter, about the strategies to keep mission-critical systems running and reduce hardware damage, reduce energy consumption for data centre power and cooling, at how cabling could be the essential building block when designing data centres and at important new concepts like ‘Fat Data Centre Thin Building’.

To view this episode please click here and to learn more about Best Practices for Data Centres, please visit www.anixter.com/datacentre.