Payvision - Card Processing Solutions for Global E-Commerce

Payvision, an independent global card processor, offers international payment service providers and ISOs unprecedented business opportunities by connecting them to acquiring banks in our global card payment network. Payvision has the in-house expertise to offer global domestic acquiring for cross-border e-commerce.

Payvision provides its customers with:

  • One payment platform for global card processing
  • Global domestic acquiring with the same quality in each region
  • 150+ transaction currencies and regional card settlement currencies
  • Risk and fraud management solutions
  • One single high-end reporting interface for worldwide transactions
  • One internationally approved risk and underwriting protocol
  • 24/7 support

Founded in 2002, Payvision is headquartered in Amsterdam and has expanded its global services in over 40 countries with offices in New York, Utah, Madrid, Paris, London, Düsseldorf, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.

Secure global payment platform

Payvision connects acquiring banks in the different regions to a highly secure global network, consisting of partnering payment service providers, ISOs and MSPs. Acquiring banks increase their revenue stream and expand their global presence by facilitating cross-border e-commerce on a highly secure innovative payment platform.

Payvision shares its expertise, offers additional services and creates transparency around complex services and processes, such as risk management and technical enterprise application integration. This transparency contributes to considerable cost reduction.

Strong worldwide presence

Over the past decade, Payvision has expanded its worldwide presence. Our experienced payment professionals have acquired the expertise to act as your trusted advisor. Payvision knows that sharing expertise results in transparency and business growth for financial institutions and PSPs which become part of our global acquiring network.

As a PSD-licensed voting member of the European Payment Association (EPSM), which represents the interests of acquiring banks, payment service providers and their merchants in Europe, Payvision applies high business standards to its organisation and remains well informed about new trends in cybercrime and risk prevention.

The payment sector is regulated and defined by the European Union, and so it is vital that a national payments organisation has a voice at with legislators at European level. This has led to the creation of the European Payments Institution Federation (EPIF), of which Payvision is an active member.

International payment service providers

PSPs and ISOs face challenges posed by increasingly demanding clients who expect to offer new payment methods to an expanding global market. Cross-border e-commerce offers boundless commercial opportunities to all stakeholders involved, but demands cross-cultural, linguistic and legal expertise from both acquiring banks and PSPs.

Card-not-present transactions are extremely vulnerable to financial crime, and solid PCI-DSS-compliant risk-management protocols and technological infrastructures need to be implemented.

Single risk management protocol

Our holistic approach to risk management has resulted in a best practice, internationally approved underwriting protocol, designed by our key financial experts.

Our single underwriting protocol mitigates risk, both during the customer acceptance phase and once our customer relationship has been established (enhanced due diligence). Global card processing, sharing expertise, technical innovation and integrated risk management are the four pillars of our full-service model, with which Payvision invites financial institutions and PSPs/ISOs payment solutions to seize the great opportunities offered by cross-border e-commerce.

Payvision represents the interests of our business partners and anticipates regulatory changes and increasing demands in a European e-commerce market unified by SEPA.

Innovative payment solutions and UX reporting tools

26% of Payvision's human resources consists of European research and development specialists. Payvision invests heavily in technically-innovative payment solutions and user-friendly next-generation UX reporting tools. High-availability is crucial to credit card processing, and security is key, particularly in a CNP market space which is particularly vulnerable to financial crime. In compliance with the latest PCI DSS security standards, renewed during yearly quality security assessments, Payvision abides to international legislation with regards to risk management.

Key features:

  • Innovative next-generation payment platform
  • High availability cluster design
  • Future generation reporting (UX) interface
  • Multi-currency conversion
  • All card settlement currencies
  • Interchange optimisation
  • Competitive FX rates
  • Compliant with latest PCI DSS security standards
  • Yearly quality security assessment audit
  • Cyclic security scans
  • Single underwriting protocol

in 2011 there were approximately 100 billion card transactions worldwide. Payvision precessed over 3 billion of these transactions and has the capacity to process over 20% of world's total card transactions. Payvision is ready for the future - connect and grow!

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