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Fundtech is a leading provider of financial technology to banks and corporations of all sizes in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. Founded in 1993, the company develops transaction banking solutions that it offers as either a software license or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Thousands of financial institutions and companies around the world rely on Fundtech to improve operational efficiency, increase revenues and provide greater competitiveness through business-to-business services.

Fundtech is the only vendor of transaction banking services that can address the entire financial supply chain.

Major product lines are available for payments, including solutions for payments execution, immediate payments, CLS and SEPA; cash and liquidity management, supply chain financing and electronic invoice presentment; financial messaging, including SWIFT connectivity and solutions for compliance and anti-money laundering; and remote deposit capture, merchant services, credit card gateway and mobile banking products.

Payment solutions

Today's financial institutions face a number of significant payments hurdles, from navigating new payment channels including mobile and internet, to conducting multicurrency and multiproduct payment operations in many different countries. At the same time, financial institutions must deal with pressures from management and shareholders alike to increase revenues, reduce risk and reduce overall operating costs.

As a market leader in transaction banking for more than two decades, Fundtech offers a suite of payment solutions that enable financial institutions and their business customers to manage and process payments and transfer funds in local and international environments in a cost-effective, secure and reliable way.

Fundtech's automated straight-through-processing (STP) software solutions help financial institutions of every size to manage all types of payments, within and across national boundaries. Using Fundtech's solutions, financial institutions are able to improve customer service, expand into new areas of business easily and reduce operational risk and cost through the entire payment lifecycle.
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Cash management services

Corporates are facing cash management challenges at both ends of the liquidity spectrum. Corporate payments treasurers are looking for fully netted liquidity structures to optimize working capital through a single bank that handles regional and global reporting.

At the same time, multinational corporations (MNCs) are using multiple banks, receiving reports in proprietary formats and being supported by different banking platforms.

Fundtech's cash management solution is a multilingual, multicountry, multicurrency cash management solution that incorporates country-specific products for local clearing. It can be implemented in a single location to provide customers with a global view; and supports treasury management, including payables, receivables, liquidity management, cash flow forecasting, financial supply chain management, wire, ACH and electronic invoice presentment / payment.

With Fundtech's cash management solution, banks are able to 'package' their product in different ways to meet the specific needs of corporates. It also allows for the easy 'onboarding' of clients, through self-administration, standard reports and downloads, the provision of an integration tool and easy to use screens that require minimal training effort. The result is a stable platform that enables the rapid deployment of new features and facilitates integration and straight-through processing (STP) with core banking systems.

Fundtech's financial messaging expertise

Banks, other financial institutions and corporates need to exchange payment and security information in a safe and a secure way.

Fundtech's suite of financial messaging solutions provide a range of products and services, including connectivity to SWIFT or other interbank services (e.g. SIC, euroSIC, SECOM, SEPA, CLS, CREST, FED and Chips) and compliance and anti-money laundering, message transformation, reconciliation and broker connectivity solutions.

With almost 30 years' experience in financial messaging, Fundtech is well-placed to provide high-quality services to financial institutions and corporates, helping them to reduce costs.

Fundtech provides real-time information on the status of a single payment, or on a consolidated basis. Financial institutes dealing with thousands or even millions of transactions every day need to have automated processes that will minimize manual work and eliminate potential transmission errors. Fundtech's financial messaging solutions can handle anything from one to several million payments daily, all with the same high level of reliability and security.

Merchant services for financial institutions

The ability of financial services providers, financial institutions and the businesses they serve to increase profitability relies on the secure, efficient and accurate processing of deposits and business payments.

Financial institutions are looking for scalable, flexible remote deposit systems, sophisticated enough to serve multiple customer segments, manage risk effectively and help them to streamline operations. In the case of businesses, the ability to manage receivables and payments effectively can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Fundtech provides merchant services to financial institutions to help them expand their portfolio of business services to commercial customers, including remote deposit capture, image cash letter processing and payment gateway services. They can also provide convenient remote deposit functionality to consumers and mobile customers.

The solutions also enable small and medium-sized business to have direct access to a complete suite of payment processing solutions to support multichannel payments acceptance, payment origination and deposit processing - all of which helps to accelerate receivables and improve business management.

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