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KvS Business Solutions provides advisory services to clients impacted by regulatory requirements revolving around business organisation and risk management. A key area of our work is focused on compliance and money laundering prevention.

Our services range from advisory to project management and outsourcing services. KvS Business Solutions provides services to clients within Europe and beyond, helping clients to achieve regulatory compliance in multi-jurisdictional environments. To achieve success for its clients, KvS collaborates with renowned experts in their respective fields of expertise.

Integrated business management modules

In a globalised financial marketplace, the ever-increasing challenge is not only driven by increasing regulatory requirements but also high volumes of data needing to be managed.

As market dependencies increase, so does the impact of market failure. To counter existing and perceived risks legislators are developing a steady flow of new requirements to manage the impact of these risks, often leaving market participants with short reaction spans, resulting in insular solutions that only treat symptoms.

Volatile market conditions put an additional strain on business organisations as they attempt to maintain a sustainable cost-income ratio by keeping resource investments at bay.

The challenge can only be met by enabling market participants to bring their business into a new area by migrating it from a subject matter-insular business model to an integrated business management model through a consolidated information management solution.

Risk management

A business organisation's perception of risk is often clouded by increasing degrees of success, resulting in front-end business growth that leaves the necessary organisational development on the sideline to cope with increasing responsibilities and limited resources in an often fractured organisational environment.

This challenges the organisation's ability to meet the necessary risk management requirements. Control over key risk drivers may be retained, but correlations between the business activities will be missed. The short-term solution may be met by increasing resources but will not enable the company to manage the overall risk environment.

Operational financial industry experience

KvS Business Solutions brings operational financial industry experience to its clients, enabling KvS to communicate with its clients on equal terms and thus enabling results-oriented communication and solutions. KvS is able to leverage resources and knowledge from within, bringing together front, middle and back-office functions from the outset.

With industry experience from the banking, asset management, capital markets, compliance, risk management, finance, regulatory reporting and information services, KvS Business Solutions drives to transform its client's organisation from insular operating units to integrated holistic enterprises with a firm grasp of core structures, information management and resulting workstreams.

As result of its broad client base, KvS Business Solutions is ahead of current market trends and can deliver a cross-sectional view of how these trends may impact an organisation and give it a competitive advantage.

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