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Risks of all nature have increased widely. Emphasised by economic crisis and globalisation, hasardous situations such as fraud, corruption, money laundering or exposure to criminal networks have become a major issue, hence the need for reliable information prior to the engagement of any kind of business relation.

Our Investigative Due Diligence solutions aim to gather all legally available information on your counterparts in order to ensure their integrity.

It starts with the first and necessary set of facts that allows a correct understanding and evaluation of the risks.

Our reports include the following type of information:

  • Commercial registries / incorporation details / personal data
  • Liquidation / bankruptcies
  • Solvency and financial data
  • Legal cases / litigations
  • Sanction lists
  • Relevant and sensitive news from our archives and local and international media
  • PEP / FEP / EP
  • Related companies and key individuals

We also enjoy a large international network of lawyers, journalists, former police or military forces members and private investigators to gather information as close to the source as possible. This speciality of ours enables us to provide local verification, such as:

  • Reputation check
  • Financial check
  • Background check
  • Business partner check
  • Main customers and suppliers check
  • On site visit

The fittest tool for compliance officers

Our reports, elaborated by trained analysts who crosscheck every detail, include commercial registers data, insolvency records, international sanction lists, history of legal proceedings and media analysis, just to name a few. We propose a wide range of 'on the field' add-ons to our reports, such as reputation analysis or on-site verifications, everywhere in the world.

As the amount of open-source data nowadays reaches unprecedented levels, the challenge is to find pertinent information out of a massive bulk of returns. Our investigative due diligence reports are thereby the most effective tool for compliance officers and top managers, offering an accurate scan on individuals or companies.

Whether you need to know the records of your candidates, to ascertain the existence of a possible partner or to undertake negotiations with all pertinent information in hands, our reports will provide you a complete overview over your counterparts.

Our clients, including some of the largest European financial and industrial conglomerates, already found our expertise an effective way to protect themselves against the reputational and financial damages that could arise from uninformed business decision.

Moreover, our reports are delivered through a secured web-based interface within an established timeframe and at a fixed cost, turning them into an easily implementable tool.

Swiss accuracy at your side

Led by two investigation professionals, our team is based in Geneva, and our location enables us to grant a high proximity to Swiss and European companies.

As our job is to provide our clients with quality information about their business relations to protect them, we chose to break the wall of secrecy usually surrounding the profession. It makes perfect sense for us to be transparent about our services, processes, our pricing and our delivery conditions.

For more information about us, our solutions and our work philosophy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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