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We all need data and expect it to be available instantly. But complex IT infrastructure creates an app-data gap that disrupts data delivery. To close the app-data gap, barriers to data velocity must be predicted and prevented.

Nimble delivers data velocity by closing the app-data gap

Addressing the broadest spectrum of workloads in the all flash data centre, the Nimble Predictive Flash platform removes barriers to data velocity. The platform's InfoSightâ„¢ predictive analytics and Unified Flash Fabricâ„¢ bring our customers these advantages:

Absolute performance that scales. Optimize performance, capacity and cost for every application. Non-disruptively add performance or capacity; minimise TCO.

Non-stop availability. Across our entire installed base, the measured uptime is 99.9997%. Reduce IT support time, and achieve cost-effective back-up and fast recovery.

Cloud-like agility. Radically simplify operations with InfoSight predictive analytics. Streamline deployment. Gain investment protection from Nimble Timeless Storage.

Customer commitment, on-demand pricing, timeless storage

Nimble customers can count on our unwavering commitment to being transparent and truthful in our business practices, as well as to delivering the best technical support in the industry.

Customers get the flexibility to purchase storage as CapEx or as Nimble Storage on Demand, which is true pay-per-use pricing: pay only for the capacity you use, whether it goes up or down.

Another benefit for Nimble customers: our Timeless Storage guarantee eliminates hidden costs and forklift upgrades. It provides all-inclusive software, flat support pricing for the life of the product, and the option after three years to receive a free upgrade to a faster controller.

Customers reduce TCO, increase responsiveness

Customers that use the Nimble Predictive Flash platform for their on-premise or cloud infrastructure - and run applications ranging from databases and collaboration to server and desktop virtualization - lower their storage TCO by 33 to 66% and become more responsive.

Strategic IT organizations deploy our platform to:

  • remove bottlenecks: gain absolute performance and more effective capacity
  • scale performance and capacity independently and without disruption to cloudscale, using our Scale-to-Fit architecture to scale up arrays and scale out to a cluster
  • reduce storage capital expenses and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • assure business continuity by using cloud-based infrastructure monitoring and predictive analytics to preempt SLA issues, and to achieve 99.9997% availability
  • gain integrated data protection, plus lower the cost of flash back-up, dev/test and DR. Free up IT resources by radically reducing the complexity of infrastructure operations.

Technical advantages for customers

  • Consolidate applications onto the Unified Flash Fabric - one platform of All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays
  • Put highly latency sensitive applications on All Flash arrays; gain 5X capacity with deduplication, compression and zero pattern elimination.
  • Put other mainstream apps on Adaptive Flash to balance performance and capacity costs. Simplify data protection with SmartSnap application-consistent back-ups and SmartReplicate WAN efficient replication; lower back-up and DR costs by 66% using our Adaptive Flash arrays for flash secondary storage and all-flash recovery.
  • Count on InfoSight predictive analytics to radically simplify the application-to-storage stack management
  • Monitor VM, network and LUN latencies
  • Gain storage efficiency and usable capacity from data reduction and media optimization.

We established technology leadership by introducing the Nimble Predictive Flash2 platform and its two foundational innovations: our Unified Flash Fabric3 and our InfoSight predictive analytics cloud-based management system.

The Nimble Unified Flash Fabric democratises flash for all enterprise applications by unifying Nimble All Flash arrays and Nimble Adaptive Flash arrays into one managed entity with common data services. Our customers can deploy this single architecture across their entire portfolio of applications to meet performance and cost targets.

At one click, it places and balances an application for optimal performance, data protection, and capacity scaling. It optimises the cost of capacity, simplifies storage management and delivers absolute resiliency (measured at 99.9997% availability). Nimble InfoSight is like having an elite army of IT experts keeping the infrastructure running perfectly, all the time. Its big-data predictive analytics, cloud-based management, and customer support system radically simplify and speed customers' IT operations.

Predicting and preventing issues across the infrastructure, InfoSight can quickly resolve complex issues, avert hot spots, and simplify planning - whether in the storage or the surrounding infrastructure. It delivers intuitive and complete visibility through the cloud to optimise system availability and data velocity.

Nimble is the leader in Predictive Flash storage solutions that take advantage of flash, cloud and big data analytics to deliver data velocity to customers.

How we do it: our people and partnerships

Our employees are committed to our vision and passionate about the work they do. We are deliberately building the organization that enables Nimble Storage to be the market leader. We ensure that our board of directors, management team and staff include trusted leaders and industry innovators.

Our channel partners enable Nimble Storage to reach and support a broad range of customer segments around the world. The CRN 2015 Partner Program Guide has awarded Nimble a five-star rating.

Our technology alliances with top IT vendors enable us to develop and deliver prevalidated reference architectures and Cisco Validated Designs (CVD) - such as our SmartStack integrated infrastructure solutions developed jointly with Cisco - that help customers speed deployments and efficiently scale capacity and performance as required. We are also increasing our enterprise applications integration and our hypervisors support.

The route ahead: Nimble Storage will continue to aggressively execute its vision. We invite you to watch us delight customers with the industry's most efficient flash storage platform, redefine the world of storage and become the market leader.

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