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Following the merger of Logica & CGI, CGI now offers greater presence, service capabilities and expertise for our clients across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our 71,000 professionals in 40 countries provide end-to-end IT and business process services that facilitate the on-going evolution of our clients' businesses. CGI is committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals, to providing our professionals with rewarding careers and to offering shareholders superior returns over time. At CGI, we are in the business of delivering results.

CGI in banking

There is a dramatic change occurring in the banking industry, probably the biggest industry change since de-regulation and de-materialisation in the mid 1980s. Reversing the trend to be everything in all countries, financial institutions are specialising, contracting and localising. The performance gap between high performers and state-owned institutions is broader than an ocean. Institutional and retail customers have developed a severe case of mistrust and disloyalty. Financial institutions must change at an unprecedented pace.

CGI offers new, innovative solutions that use capabilities sourced beyond the four walls of the bank. We provide managed IT and business process services and industry-leading business applications that allow banks to focus on what's most important - delivering sustainable customer value and creating economic value.

Exceeding performance and strategic goals is what we aim to achieve for our clients, demonstrated by our client's consistently providing very high satisfaction levels in our customer surveys, and why our clients come back to us year after year.

Recognising risk and regulation

With the constant stream of regulations across the financial sector, banks, insurers and institutions are facing ever challenging times. At CGI we have an innovative approach to helping our clients manage the regulation changes whilst minimising the impact on the day-to-day activities of the bank.

We've got proven methods to help our clients build or improve their risk management framework, including the right set of Key Risk Indicators, along with the processes and systems to enforce them. Our services and solutions include:

  • FATCA e-2-e service solution
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Anti-money laundering (sanctions screening and KYC)
  • Regulatory consulting
  • Cyber security
  • Operational risk toolkit

Payments and payment processing

Striving to make payments pay in recent years, many financial institutions set out a strategic approach to implement a centralised payment services hub. These programmes are very complex, high cost and very long term, making the return on investment difficult to track and demonstrate to the business. Many projects simply ran out of steam with institutions having more pressing regulatory pressures to update other areas of their payments infrastructure.

The majority of focus today has moved from payment services hubs to a major shake-up and restructure of the low-value payments markets, with many countries moving to real-time or near real-time infrastructures, requiring most banks to completely rewrite their low-value mass payments systems.

Whether you are looking to update your low-value payments infrastructure, or tackling any other aspect of transformation to your payments business, we can help. Our services and solutions include:

Payments transformation

  • Real-time low-value payments
  • Payment services hub

SEPA services

  • Mandate management
  • One time migration
  • SEPA consultancy
  • Bespoke SEPA services

Financial and SWIFT messaging

  • Financial messaging solution

CLS manager

  • Solution for control, reconciliation and automation of CLS business

Trade finance

International trade finance is a business in transition, profoundly affected by financial sector consolidation, the move to open account trading, intense competitive pressures and the drive to reduce operational costs while enhancing customer service. It is also a business where significant changes are being both driven and enabled by advances in technology.

Today, banks face real choices in how they manage, optimise and develop their trade and supply chain finance business - choices that require a clear understanding of the importance of trade and supply chain finance to each individual bank's corporate business and what it is costing them today to deliver this and related services.

Along with CGI's unmatched consulting, integration and implementation services, the suite of CGI trade products is available to help you achieve breakthrough success in trade, supply chain finance and cash management through the intelligent and efficient use of information technology.

Mobility and customer experience

Getting the balance right between provision of innovative new channels and making them secure for transaction processing is key. At CGI we are helping our clients develop and deliver the most advanced mobile banking and payments applications on the market.

Our solutions will ensure that banks can drive the real value out of their information and big data. We provide the tools and techniques to enable banks to effectively communicate with their customers and maximise the customer experience.

Our solutions and services range from:

  • Mobile banking and payments
  • Managing big data and real-time analytics
  • Social media integration

Transformational sourcing

Whether institutions are suffering from an excess of legacy applications and systems or just need to 'right size' their technology infrastructure, our unique approach to transformational sourcing can provide the perfect solution. Innovation, cost reduction and reduced risk is at the heart of our transformational sourcing approach.

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