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A global leader in business intelligence technology, MicroStrategy provides integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring software that enables companies to analyse the data stored across their enterprise to make better business decisions. Companies choose MicroStrategy for its ease-of-use, sophisticated analytics, and superior data and user scalability.

The world is in the midst of unprecedented change, with multiple technology disruptions transforming the way business is conducted. Big data, mobile, cloud computing and social media are all impacting every facet of business - from sales and marketing to operations and infrastructure.

This transformational era is creating anxiety and uncertainty across all industries, and like any period of change there will be winners and losers. Companies that are unable to keep pace will face diminished prospects for growth. But, for those companies that can successfully navigate these disruptions, there is enormous potential and the opportunity to create a sustainable competitive advantage within their industries.

Challenges posed by big data

The McKinsey Global Institute defines big data as, 'data sets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage, and analyse'.

While the amount of information is projected to grow by over 60% per year global IT spending is projected to increase only by 2%, and consequently companies are challenged to effectively manage their data. Meanwhile, they risk losing millions by not doing so, as the value of harnessing big data is greater than ever. Companies strive to provide consumers with easy access to this data, but inevitably struggle to do so.

Impact of mobile computing

The fifth wave of information technology, mobile computing, will have a far greater impact and adoption than any of the previous cycles; mainframes, mini computing, personal computing, and desktop computing. The use of the Internet on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has changed the way people communicate and consume information, creating an exponential rise in the acceptance, adoption, and usage of data. Mobile allows business users to gain insight into increasing volumes of information and to take action, from anywhere at any time.

Cloud computing and data storage

Cloud computing is the most revolutionary trend in data storage and software delivery in years. It provides a superior platform for the storage and delivery of the critical big data gathered by companies. Companies can now move their IT environment and business applications to the cloud, which drastically reduces their time to market, at minimal costs and effort. The cloud enables companies to quickly begin using new BI applications and functionality.

Realising the potential of social media

The emergence of social networks is likely to completely transform marketing as we currently know it, while also exacerbating the big data dilemma. Companies know there is a wealth of consumer information available via social networks, and many already use social networks to communicate to consumers. However, companies struggle to fully realise the promise of social media - to leverage the unprecedented consumer interaction, advertising, and branding potential of these channels.

Analysing trends to maximise profitability

The repercussions of these trends are having a dramatic and clear effect on the market. With change, however, also comes opportunity. It is critical for companies to be prepared and not underestimate the movements that are transforming business and technology; in other words, to turn these disruptions into opportunities to improve business and maximise profitability.

The MicroStrategy mobile solution

The enterprise-grade MicroStrategy platform is uniquely suited for companies to face these disruptive trends head-on. The performance, flexibility, and accessibility of MicroStrategy, including MicroStrategy Cloud Intelligence and MicroStrategy Mobile, will help navigate your organisation through these technologies and enable companies to fully embrace the potential these technologies have to offer.

Financial services companies use MicroStrategy to increase revenue, reduce costs, and comply with industry regulations and standards. Today, 12 of the top 14 global banks and four of the top five US diversified financial services companies rely on MicroStrategy.

As the industry grows, companies' customer bases expand and diversify. That means more and varied customer information, making it more difficult for companies to understand consumer needs, track trends, identify profitable areas and prevent fraud. Financial services companies choose MicroStrategy because its integrated architecture provides the ability to stay viable and competitive.

Global BI applications

Société Générale, a major European financial services company, has deployed five MicroStrategy-based BI applications across its 2,300 retail banking branches in France, which are currently used by more than 16,000 employees.

The salesforce relies on MicroStrategy dashboards to track sales and product performance, promote cross-sell and up-sell activity, and monitor employee performance. MicroStrategy is also used for risk management and profitability management.

BBVA, a financial services provider in the Spanish and global market, employs 105,000 people in over 30 countries and has more than 50 million customers. BBVA recently expanded its deployment of MicroStrategy to provide its bank employees with intuitive dashboards that display a vast amount of sales, financial, and risk information.

A wide range of BBVA employees rely on MicroStrategy for their day-to-day activities, including branch employees who access customer information, regional office end users who analyse statistics and trends, and agents and managers who require a global vision to make informed, fast decisions.

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