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KPMG member firms are some of the world's leading providers of audit, tax and advisory services, operating in 156 countries and with more than 152,000 people working across KPMG's global network.

KPMG's Global Banking practice brings together knowledge and experience from KPMG member firms around the world to help banking businesses to manage a way through the challenges they are facing.

Custom banking services

We provide tailored services to meet your business requirements. With a wealth of industry experience and specialist knowledge, our firms' banking professionals can add value to your business.

KPMG's network of 16,000 banking professionals can advise you on your operational and strategic business challenges and opportunities. We offer professional services to clients of all sizes, at local, national and global levels, from the largest global banks to small regional savings and loan businesses.

Our multinational banking teams are led by senior partners who have a wealth of client experience with many of the major market players, regulators and leading industry bodies. We listen to clients, to really understand the issues that matter, and seek to add value by working with your teams.

Understanding the importance of the regulatory agenda

Numerous proposals have been put forward by global, regional and national policy-making bodies, which will change the structure, supervision and governance of financial services. Proposals are still being released, while at the same time, implementation is underway for reforms already in place.

The breadth and complexity of the regulatory agenda, combined with pressure from the economy, markets and competition, is already driving change.

Implementation of complex changes over extended timescales is forcing businesses to fundamentally change the way they operate.

Firms are being forced to revisit and reshape their corporate and trading strategies; business and operating models; and systems and reporting practices - and identify and prioritise the many impacts.

A global perspective

KPMG's global network of regulatory centres of excellence sits at the heart of the major financial markets - Europe, the US and Asia Pacific - enabling member firms to deliver cross-border insights and practical solutions in response to the unprecedented scale and impacts of regulatory change.

The centres bring together regulatory expertise across the financial sector, covering the key fields of banking, insurance, securities and asset management. This enables KPMG member firms to offer clients valuable knowledge and understanding of regulatory developments - both locally and globally - providing advice on the strategic, compliance and business implications.

Local knowledge

We offer an integrated, multidisciplinary service for clients, whatever their size, make-up or location.

We navigate through the challenges in the regulatory arena to help you mitigate your risk, providing your business with:

  • Insights into regulatory issues, market developments, supervisory approaches and implementation issues
  • Access to a global network that understands regulation and its implications
  • Experienced advisors, delivering pragmatic solutions to complex regulatory issues
  • Regular updates on key developments and what they mean for your business

Forward thinking for the financial services sector

Regulation is driving the strategic agenda. The financial services sector can no longer afford to just wait and see.

Companies should take a holistic, forward-looking approach when analysing the regulatory agenda. Companies cannot consider each regulation in isolation - there are a number of common themes that run across all of them. By aligning objectives and avoiding multiple overlapping or conflicting change initiatives, companies should save time and money and achieve better outcomes.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how KPMG member firms can help you achieve your business objectives. Please use the form or contact details below.

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Evolving Banking Regulation 2013
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Bail-In Liabilities: Replacing Public Subsidy with Private Insurance 24 June 2013 Most of the regulatory reform initiatives introduced in the wake of the financial crisis have been designed to make financial institutions safer. But there have also been moves to reduce the damage that would be caused by the failure of a financial institution.


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