Intix - Reporting and BI Solutions for Financial Messaging Data

The INTIX Message Warehouse solution enables easy, secure and cost-effective access and reporting for all your financial messaging data.

Financial institutions are managing ever-increasing volumes of messaging data and are faced with the growing complexity of financial data formats. As part of their regulatory compliance obligations, financial institutions are required to keep records of all financial transactions for up to ten years. Working with such massive volumes of data, in a variety of non-compatible formats, quickly becomes complex and costly.

The INTIX Message Warehouse gives financial institutions a centralised solution to access all of their stored messaging data and long-term archives, enabling high-performance search, reporting and dynamic dashboards.

Benefits of the Message Warehouse include:

  • Increase in operational efficiency
  • Improve your customer service
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • User-friendly, web-based solution
  • Enhance business intelligence with better data analysis

Financial data access, analysis and management

The INTIX Message Warehouse enables financial institutions to access, analyse and manage all of their financial messaging data, from real-time transactions all the way back to the long-term archives.

Implementing the INTIX Message Warehouse will increase your operational efficiency, since all searching and reporting will be fully automated. This solution makes it possible to eliminate duplicative and unnecessary manual processes.

Gain business-critical insights

The INTIX Message Warehouse helps financial institutions to make sense of their financial messaging data. Many companies already have a significant trove of valuable business information contained in their own financial messaging data.

Our solution helps your company learn from your own data, identify trends and gain actionable business intelligence from the data that you already have in your archives.

A wide array of dashboard options is available: system performance dashboards, queue management dashboards and business-related dashboards. Get the information you need to make effective business decisions and support your company's strategic objectives.

Powerful searching and reporting

The INTIX Message Warehouse enables searching and reporting across all financial message types (including SWIFT MT and MX).

The powerful search functionality ensures a fast return of the requested information. The Message Warehouse solution also delivers the data presentation in a user-friendly model-view, and generates configurable reports based on the data.

There are significant benefits to your organisation's regulatory compliance, customer service and strategic business analysis. The INTIX Message Warehouse enables a higher level of transparency and visibility into your company's financial messaging data.


The INTIX Message Warehouse is fully web-based, highly intuitive and will be a seamless addition to your organisation's existing work processes. Users will not need extensive (and costly) training. The lack of training costs and switching costs also contribute to this solution's effectiveness in lowering your operational costs.

Highly scalable

The INTIX Message Warehouse's innovative technology offers higher processing power, faster speed, more sophisticated search capabilities and optimum efficiency. The INTIX Message Warehouse is capable of processing up to 4,000 new messages per second or 14.4 million messages per hour.

INTIX has undertaken performance benchmarks using Intel's latest generation of dual-socket Xeon E5-2600 processors, in combination with Intel enterprise-class solid-state drive 710 series to achieve the highest throughput and performance scaling.

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