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Wave Systems offers more than just another defence against endpoint data loss and network breaches. It provides everything you need to prove that your data is protected, and to know what devices are attached to your network. Wave is a leading source for trusted computing solutions, which shift the focus from add-on software to the security that is integrated in the hardware computing platforms you already own.

Together with Safend's award-winning data loss prevention products, Wave provides a truly comprehensive portfolio of solutions for data security, data leakage protection and device integrity for desktops, laptops and mobile devices. We are uniquely dedicated to building security 'from the ground up' and solving your most critical data-at-rest and data-in-motion security challenges.

Security software to protect vulnerable information

Wave Systems roots security software to trusted hardware built into your devices, ensuring that only known computers gain access to the network. With passwords, certificates and tokens all vulnerable to attack, Wave allows organisations to keep information secure by leveraging the trusted platform modules (TPMs) already on-board most corporate PCs and laptops from Dell, Lenovo and HP.

A TPM is a cryptographic security chip that acts as a built-in hardware token, except it imposes none of the incremental acquisition or deployment costs that conventional tokens incur. Wave allows companies to use TPMs for:

  • Device identification
  • Early detection of APTs

Device identification allows access only to known devices, simplifying data security and virtually eliminating the risk of hackers impersonating authorised personnel. TPMs can be used with any standard certificate authority and Wave's EMBASSY software to create hardware-based digital certificates for VPN, wireless or any other PKI-enabled applications.

With advanced persistent threats (APTs) appearing as normal traffic, new malware often goes completely unnoticed for long periods of time, and leads to critical data loss. Wave's software adds an additional layer of security that can discover rootkits, by scanning for changes in the pre-OS environment. In addition to activating and managing TPM policies and keys, Wave's software collects platform configuration register values each time a system powers on and compares these against a set of values known to be correct.

Endpoint data protection

Wave offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of managed encryption solutions, as well as the latest technologies for preventing data leakage from ports, devices and removable media. Our management software provides powerful support for:

  • Self-encrypting drives (SEDs)
  • Microsoft BitLocker
  • Port and device control
  • Removable media encryption and content inspection
  • Wave encryption service (WES)

SEDs are the strongest full-disk encryption (FDE) platform available today. Wave's software provides remote management of all Opal-based, proprietary and solid-state SEDs currently offered as an inexpensive option from Dell, Lenovo or HP. Our industry-leading software is the most comprehensive solution for SED security policy management, reporting, centralised control and user recovery.

Integrated with the Windows 7 OS, Microsoft BitLocker substantially enhances encryption over conventional, third-party FDE software. Wave strengthens BitLocker security by enabling remote management of the TPM, and organising core Microsoft capabilities into a simple, intuitive administrative application for setting up and maintaining BitLocker clients. Through our port and device control solutions we empower our clients to defend their organisation against data loss through a single server, console and agent architecture. This provides centralised control and management over every physical port, wireless port and device across your enterprise.

Wave's software enables you to monitor, control and encrypt all file transfers to or from external storage devices, such as USB hard drives, disks on keys, memory sticks, SD cards, CDs and DVDs. We also make it simple to generate logs and send real-time alerts about information written to or read from these devices.

For small and medium-sized businesses, Wave Encryption Service (WES) lets you rapidly deploy compliance-grade, managed encryption across your business without the need for dedicated servers, software or other IT resources. WES automatically detects a computer's resident encryption capabilities, such as SEDs, Microsoft BitLocker and Microsoft Encrypting File System, and seamlessly adapts them to the service's online management interface

Data security and data leakage protection

Wave simplifies data security via trusted computing. Our solutions not only strengthen your information security, they also make it simpler to manage. We go well beyond passwords, tokens and third-party software to deliver data security, data leakage protection and device integrity that you can rely on.

The security risks and consequences posed by today's increasingly mobile workforce are rapidly evolving past the capabilities of conventional security. With Wave you can meet all your data and network security challenges today and lay the foundation to meet those of tomorrow.

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