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Wacom, a global company with its headquarters based in Japan, is the market leader for pen input solutions. Wacom's devices are utilised in a variety of application areas in which achieving a digital workflow with high-level security is crucial.

Wacom´s patented technology is perfect for capturing handwritten signatures thanks to high resolution and accuracy. Wacom's devices are installed in many different scenarios such as:

  • POS
  • ePayment
  • electronic passports
  • insurance
  • banking
  • hotel check-in.

With a Wacom signature device, customers can optimise, secure and efficiently process their workflows wherever documents are filled out, signed and verified.

Signature pad and branding tool in one: Wacom STU-530

With its 5in' high resolution colour LCD screen, the STU-530 is the ideal signature pad for use at the POS or customer contact point. It offers a very comfortable signing experience with an improved, thin design and a low-profile, flat surface. The new design reflects the market requirements for a modern, robust, ergonomic and reliable signature pad. In addition to capturing handwritten signatures, it can be utilised for branding, marketing or advertising purposes, making it a valid marketing tool also.

1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity allow natural signature capturing, fulfilling legal standards. For secure and safe transactions an AES 256 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit key exchange is included in the pad. Each unit is assigned a unique hardware ID in order to determine the exact unit that was used for a particular signature. The Wacom pen can be tethered to the pad so it can't get lost. The STU-530 is made for heavy stationary use especially at counters and check-out systems.

The leading eDocuments and eSignature solution: Wacom DTU-1141

The DTU-1141 has all the features necessary for a best-in-class eDocuments solution. The vivid 10.6in LCD supports multiple resolutions up to Full HD to provide a great experience with any business software application. For security, the DTU-1141 includes state-of-the-art encryption, plus unique hardware ID to identify the individual unit that was used for signing. Four touch-activated ExpressKeys allow easy access to commonly used shortcuts.

As with all Wacom products, the DTU-1141 is extremely durable and can be easily integrated into any existing environment. The pen is cordless and battery-free, making it light and strong. The unit can be used while flat, supported at a comfortable angle with the integrated stand, or attached to a third party arm or stand with the VESA mount. Please contact us for more information about how the DTU-1141 can fit into your workflow.

For further information about the products of Wacom Business Solution Unit see also http://business.wacom.com.

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Wacom's eSignature solutions compliant with the new European legal framework on eSignatures 19 October 2015 This paper reviews the legal effectiveness of Wacom´s eSignature solutions in relation to the newly adopted EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions. First, the most important modifications to the existing legal framework on electronic signatures are set out. Hereafter, is analysed how Wacom’s eSignature solutions fit into that new EU regulation.

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