Veridium to demonstrate new features of its biometrics-based authentication technology at connect:ID 2017

Monday, May 01, 2017 by Veridium

Veridium, a leader in biometrics-based authentication software, will be showcasing the latest updates of its enterprise-ready biometric solutions, VeridiumID, VeridiumAD and 4 Fingers TouchlessID, at connect:ID 2017. Demonstrations will be available May 1-3 at Veridium's booth, #616 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Veridium software eliminates the most vulnerable point of access- passwords-replacing them with secure and convenient biometrics. These new updates deliver on Veridium's brand promise to build software that enhances enterprise security, and increases convenience and productivity at a lower total cost of ownership to the customer.

New product updates on display at the conference:


VeridiumID is a server-side protocol for biometric authentication that works in conjunction with a front-end mobile SDK that allows companies to embed biometrics into a mobile application. New features of this solution include:

  • Security Assertion Markup Language - a standard for the authentication and authorization exchange between services to achieve single sign on (SSO) across multiple platforms. This means VeridiumID can now be used as an identity provider, enabling SSO to any third party SAML enabled service with the security of biometric authentication.
  • Transaction signing - guarantees non-repudiation by verifying the integrity of online transactions to ensure each request is tamper evident. This creates a secure digital signature aligns with government and compliance standards and regulations.
  • Server-side matching - biometric matching can now execute on either the client or the server side, increasing security in response to increasing hacking attack vectors on the mobile client side.
  • User Behaviour Analysis - a new framework that creates a repository within VeridiumID to capture data such as GPS, IP address, gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer from the mobile device to help profile 'normal' user behavior, enhancing security from the client side.

4 Fingers TouchlessID

This leading biometric solution now includes Liveness, a feature that distinguishes between real people and mere images, improving security by making spoofing much more difficult.


Is a primary authenticator, delivering password-free biometric authentication into Microsoft Active Directory supporting Windows clients and Windows Server for physical and virtual machines joined to Active Directory. This solution now includes new connectors for Citrix.

This is the first software-only solution that seamlessly integrates into Citrix Storefront and Citrix Netscaler environments. VeridiumAD has been verified as Citrix Ready®, which means that VeridiumAD has successfully passed a series of tests established by Citrix, and can be trusted to work effectively with Citrix StoreFront and Citrix NetScaler.