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SkimProt is an innovative company in the sphere of anti-skimming solutions, and its product offers a unique and universal way of preventing any skimming activities. The company strives to provide flexible and suitable solutions to its clients, which in return has proven to be a great influence on the early growth of the company. Since its establishment in early 2014, the company has sold more than 20,000 units of its product all around the globe to both financial institutions and end users.

SkimProt - the easy anti-skimming solution

SkimProt is a multilayer protective label placed above the magnetic stripe of bank cards, thus hiding the cardholder's personal information and making the card skimming proof. While completely covering the original information, SkimProt communicates with the ATM hardware through its own magnetic stripe via universal service codes and orders the machines to request the information from the much more secure EMV chip. SkimProt offers a preventive solution to a widespread problem through very simple and effective means, which allows it to function in complete transparency, granting benefits to financial institutions and end users alike.


According to the FBI, skimming is the copying of data from the magnetic stripe of the bank card by means of an illegal scanner (skimmer). Skimmers installed on ATMs are usually very hard to detect. Users don't even notice that their card data is being copied while they are using the machine. In shops, dishonest employees skim the cards of their clients by means of miniature hand-held readers. Now there are even viruses that can be used by hackers to infect ATMs and POS terminals, and which serve as virtual skimmers.

  • approximately € 5.5 billion is annually lost to skimming worldwide
  • the numbers have grown by about 15% a year for the last five years
  • 80-90% of all bank card fraud is related to skimming
  • on average, between €500 and €1,200 are stolen from each skimmed card
  • in the UK, the loss from skimming in 2012 was over £ 38 million
  • in Germany, skimming losses reached more than € 70 million in 2012
  • in the US, such losses amounted to more than € 1 billion in 2012.

The technology behind SkimProt

SkimProt is a high-technology sticker protected by an international patent. It comprises four layers that safeguard smart cards from data theft and fraud.

Protective layer - a protective coating shields the sticker during the daily use of your bank card.
Magnetic layer - a magnetic stripe containing a code, instructing ATMs to use the card's chip and zeros in place of card information.
Screening layer - a material designed specifically for SkimProt, covering completely the information contained in the card's magnetic stripe.
Adhesive layer - a specialised glue that adheres securely to the card and at the same time can be easily peeled off if necessary.

Ease of use

SkimProt is so simple and easy to use that anyone can do it. Simply peel off the sticker from our packaging and place it over your magnetic stripe. There is no need for additional activation procedures or complex application actions. Its effect is immediate and 100% skimming proof.

The benefits

For the end user:

  • 100% protection against skimming
  • easy to apply and remove
  • no hassle due to skimming-related thefts
  • long product lifecycle.

For the financial institutions:

  • reduced cases of skimming
  • full transparency of the product
  • full legal compliance
  • high added value
  • providing of addtional security options to the customer.

For more information on the product and distribution enquiries, please visit us on or use the enquiry form below. We would be happy to answer any further questions you might have.

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SkimProt honoured at 2014 Cartes SESAMES Awards 09 June 2014 SkimProt has been recognised at the 2014 Cartes SESAMES Awards, winning the most innovative product in the sphere of card manufacturing.


SkimProt - protect your debit or credit card 23 May 2014 SkimProt is a multilayer protective label, which is placed above the magnetic stripe of bank cards and thus hides personal information of the cardholder, making the card skimming proof. While completely covering the original information, SkimProt communicates with the ATM hardware and orders the machines to use an EMV chip.

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