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EMKA UK Ltd through its parent group EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH, and together with its technology partner Digitus Biometrics, Inc., is a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative electronic locking and biometric locking systems. These advanced systems enable high technology security protection for valuable and sensitive data as well as for associated servers and other advanced equipment.

Banking and financial services data security systems

EMKA's integrated internet enabled capability provides remote monitoring, environmental management and event logging, proven to meet the needs and standards required for installations such as data centres in the financial, medical, insurance, military, scientific and industrial sectors. Physical protection of data and equipment is seen as a high-level risk/return issue covered by PCI DSS, SOX, SSAE 16, SOC 2 AND HIPAA requirements.

The focus of EMKA (UK) Ltd is to provide design and production engineers with the best, most cost-effective and reliable solution within our ability, backed by a comprehensive support service covering the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative electronic locking modules; biometric locking systems; locks and latches; compression locks; keylocks; toggle latches; hinges; handles; rod controls; air conditioning products; stainless steel products; sealing profiles; window/door units and accessories to the electrical and electronic, HVAC and industrial enclosure industries, plus commercial vehicle accessories.

Our standard modular and custom designs provide access control and equipment protection by means of simple quarter-turn locks on electrical or electronic control cabinets, all the way to highly sophisticated, high security, bio-technology systems for complete data centres. This includes our BioLock "fingerprint-at-the-handle" technology, which provides physical protection against data theft by hardware removal or direct server access.

EMKA BioLock data security for server racks

It is believed that breaches of security at data centres comprise over 40% of data loss, sabotage and attack - so more than ever before data centre security and physical IT assets are at risk. Whether it is from perceived outside threats or from internal team members, threats to the data and the customers' critical data continue to grow.

The EMKA BioLock system provides for the first time unique fingerprint technology stored and processed in the handle on the cabinet with an "indisputable audit trail" to protect valuable data, and is compliant with the various data privacy rules and regulations such as PCI, SOX, SSAE 16 and HIPPA.

This innovative approach solves many problems for data centre managers and greatly advances the security of valuable data in server centres and co-location sites.

EMKA offers a full range of supporting data security products to physically protect data from internal threats. This ranges from simple locking handles through multiple zone lock formats and wireless coded cabinet handles with many options for stand-alone operation, to fully integrated security and environmental monitoring.

A full programme of access security from building to cabinet:

  • Our ELECTRONIC LOCKING MODULES (ELM) and biometric locking systems provide high-tech security for high-tech equipment, together with remote monitoring, environmental management and event logging, for installations such as data centres.
  • Our LOCKING SYSTEMS for single and multi-point applications are extremely flexible and in most circumstances, permit installation into a single punched hole, also including a wide range of COMPRESSION LOCKS which support the ventilation integrity of individual racks.
  • Our KEYLOCKS offer simple quarter-turn locking for lockers, cabinets and covers.
  • Our HINGE programme is comprehensive, including products for most applications. Concealed, lift-off, mechanically fastened, weld on, polyamide and stainless steel versions are available.
  • Our GASKETING MATERIALS are self-gripping sealing profiles with no permanent memory and can be installed in one piece without being mitred.
  • EMKA AIR CONDITIONING products cover the requirements of thick insulated door installation with long shafted large grip latch handles - available with various locking options of keylock and padlock. Large hinges and recessed door pulls help to complete the installation.
  • EMKA STAINLESS STEEL PROGRAMME: For many years EMKA have operated on the basis of supplying "everything but the enclosure" and increasingly they are also finding that "everything in stainless steel" is the demand for cabinet hardware as installations find more aggressive environments and more challenging regulations. Industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals have become much more sophisticated and far reaching in their requirements that companies such as EMKA now provide a wealth of stainless steel components from hinges and handles to specialist locking systems. Materials vary from AISI 303 to AISI 316 and include fabricated as well as fully machined items with sealing up to IP66.

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