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Building on a heritage of more than 160 years of business communications excellence, Unify Enterprise Communications, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, is a global leader in unified communications solutions. With a presence in more than 100 countries, and serving more than 75% of the Global 500, Unify Enterprise Communications provides the easiest path to unified communications.

Unified communication services

We deliver on the promise of unified communications to organisations of all sizes in virtually every industry sector. Our customers benefit from a more agile, productive workplace with reduced operating costs by unifying their communications systems and creating a harmonised user experience.

Innovative information sharing software

Our innovative software platform integrates reliable voice with video, messaging, mobility, and contact centre and web collaboration solutions. With our global services network and the ability to deliver through the cloud, our customers have total flexibility to manage their transition to unified communications at their own pace, assisted by our wide range of deployment options.

We develop innovative solutions for providing a future-proof and proven foundation to enable our customers to reach their full potential in any economic climate.

Trusted, reliable communications solutions expertise

The Unify Enterprise Communications brand is synonymous with trust, reliability and innovation, and we take pride that customers remain our core focus. Our leading solutions expertise and global partner network ensures we are committed to delivering real business value. Communication is, after all, the bedrock of every successful organisation.

Flexible, scalable and easy-to-manage communications systems

At the heart of the finance, trading and banking industry sits a mission-critical factor: communication. In this age of market volatility, and reductions in operational expenditure, the tools for communication need to exceed demand.

Take the trading floor. No longer operating in isolation, its workforce is part of an online global community making transactions happen at lightning speed, dependent on a communication system that is flexible and scalable, easy to implement, manage and maintain.

What's more, today's perfect communication solution should reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue. It's a challenge, but Unify Enterprise Communications' IP-based Trading Turret system has risen to that demand.

In reality, it's the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solution that is perfect for the finance, trading and banking world of today and tomorrow.

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