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Smart Engine offers loyalty program software for banks and financial services. We help our customers to deepen merchant alliances as well as build new ones in order to increase customer loyalty by offering meaningful card linked offers. The biggest challenge in today's business is to gain customers and keep them. The Smart Engine loyalty platform is based on a mobile strategy that drives card spend, boosts card usage and increases card income. Therefore, the Smart Engine solution counts as one of the strongest marketing tools in the digital market and helps to rapidly increase turnover.

We combine these four key technology areas to provide a breakthrough business service:

  • mobile for highest customer centricity
  • social to identify trends and needs fast
  • customer insight leverages big data analytics
  • SaaS for best customer experience.

Relevant offers at the right time and place

Our strategy follows our credo that only a happy customer is a loyal customer. The Smart Engine System provides customers with a highly accountable, comfortable and favourable way of shopping. Relevant offers reach the customers through the preferred channel (web, smartphone app, email, SMS), spam-free and easy redeemable. The consumer enjoys target marketing at its best on a modern and comprehensible app with savings and best shopping management at their fingertips.

With the Smart Engine Loyalty Program banks and financial services:

  • attract new customers
  • build up long-term customer relationships
  • improve customer experience
  • deepen merchant alliances
  • enjoy analytics that drive business
  • offer fully automated redemption processing
  • make reports count to reach high return on investment (ROI)
  • get a name as a leading innovator.

Earn customer loyalty with secure quality service - and keep it

In a growing and fast-moving digital market we face boundaries such as depersonalisation and mass effect, which make it hard to keep in touch with our customers and even harder to keep them. The modern customer decides more than ever on an emotional level. The decision-making is based on how good the deal is and how easy it is to get it. With the Smart Engine platform, the customers are treated at a personal yet highly secure level. Relevant offers trigger satisfaction and respect, inevitably leading to a happy reaction from the customer. In fact, that is the only way to keep a customer loyal.

Smart Engine Predictive Analytics enables incomparable targeting

The Smart Engine loyalty platform securely analyses and matches data from the sources given by the loyalty program owner (banks or financial services, merchants) to create highly relevant offers and to reach high conversion rates in campaigning. We work with strong software tools that ensure diligent analysis and effective reports. The Smart Engine Analytics Engine has been developed on a stable and secure technology and therefore processes data most precisely. We constantly improve our Analytics Engine to keep our solution on the newest stand in order to guarantee best conversion rates.

Tailor-made loyalty program to fit your individual business model

Our solution is highly scalable and flexibly implementable. All offer types are available; coupon, cash back and points. That gives us the freedom to provide our customers with individually created loyalty solutions to fit perfectly into their business models. A loyalty program is a valuable marketing tool and only works successfully if treated as such. Therefore, our service not only provides software implementation but also consistent and significant evaluation and consulting, driven by our visionary understanding of marketing in the digital area of the financial business.

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