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Microsoft Corporation is the world leader in software and software related services. Our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realise their full potential by impassioning and equipping the individuals in their organizations. Microsoft takes an integrated software solutions and product development approach.

Microsoft, in conjunction with leading partners in the financial services industry, enables its customers to be present in the financial lives of their customers any time, any place, on any device and across any channel. Only Microsoft delivers innovation across the front, middle, and back office, as well as the cloud. Microsoft and its partners enable a wealth of solutions specific to the financial services industry.

Managing relationships in the financial services industry

Financial companies face tough competition in a difficult market shaped by rapid change, growing regulatory requirements, and shifting customer expectations.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an easily customisable, scalable platform and widely adopted easy-to-use tool that can integrate with current systems, helping financial services companies grow revenue, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen customer trust.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps financial companies thrive in this environment by providing them with tools that empower individual productivity-streamlining everyday tasks and giving them the information they need. This enables them to focus on their core competencies while also shortening sales cycles and improving efficiency.

Optimising customer experiences

Financial services companies today have a wealth of information about customers, but putting that information to work can be a challenge. That information may be stored in multiple systems associated with different channels or data stores.

By providing a platform to aggregate customer information into a single repository and use it to provide compelling, personalised services to customers, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps financial services organisations build strong, long-term relationships with their customers.

Improving customer-facing business processes

One clear way in which organisations can provide a better customer experience, while also keeping costs under control, is to make customer-facing business processes faster and more predictable.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps achieve this through a close combination of familiar tools and business process automation. A streamlined, intuitive user interface helps people get their work done more efficiently so they can focus on what's important - serving customers.

By providing a platform to automate customer-facing processes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps to ensure they are dealt with quickly and without errors, which further reduces administrative overhead.

Increasing profitability and speed collaboration

No matter what their role; whether brokers, advisors, bankers, or service agents, once people have access to complete customer information and streamlined tools it opens a broad range of new opportunities to build value for the business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help financial services organisations grow their business in a huge variety of ways:

  • They can improve the profitability of customers by providing targeted up-sell and cross-sell offers within an agent's user interface
  • Speed collaboration by enabling teams to more easily share reports, documents, and customer information-even across organisational and geographic boundaries
  • Automate regulatory-required processes to ease compliance
  • Give mobile staff access to customer information and reports on their choice of mobile device
  • Improve visibility into business data and performance in order to better manage risk
  • A platform to expand the business building on existing investments
  • Microsoft understands that financial services organisations need solutions that they can implement in a timely and cost-effective manner using readily-available resources

By providing a solution that can be rapidly deployed and easily customised to the organisation's requirements, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps these companies achieve ROI more quickly. The flexibility of the platform enables them to adjust to change in the business and go to market faster with new services. And only Microsoft offers its customers CRM on-premises, in the cloud, or a mix of both with the ability to change your deployment option as needs dictate.

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