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HCL Technologies is a $4.5bn global technology company, bringing IT and engineering service expertise together under one roof to solve complex business problems for clients.

Leveraging extensive global offshore infrastructure and network of offices in 31 countries, we provide holistic, multiservice delivery in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, consumer services, public services and healthcare.

A micro-vertical strategy, built on strong domain expertise, ensures that no matter how complex a company's business problem is, we can offer a solution that is sustainable and innovation-driven.

HCL Financial Services and CEM

HCL Financial Services has been HCL's major focus area and is one of the largest growing verticals in HCL, contributing about 25% of the total revenues to the organization.

The Financial Services practice in HCL is built on strong domain competencies spanning capital markets, retail and corporate banking, catering to operational and IT needs of leading financial services companies for the last 15 years.

Using a value centric approach to the enterprise, more than 21,000 'transformers' in HCL have been transforming technology and operations into competitive advantages for some of the largest financial services organizations in the world.

Covering banking, capital markets and insurance industries, we provide services across applications, IT infrastructure services management and business operations.

Our clients - from Fortune 500 corporations right through to financial services companies that are a lifeline for their local communities - partner with us to discover innovative ways to adapt to shifting regulations, achieve continuous simplification of IT and operations that drive cost efficiencies, improve their customer experience and enable access to new products and markets.

Customer experience management (CEM)

The situation today

Demystifying and delighting customers has always been a daunting task for brands. But today's customers are even more informed, have higher expectations and are more influenced by the various new generation media available currently.

It's no wonder that businesses across the globe are scrambling to acquire the right customers, create memorable experiences for them, gain a greater share of their wallet and convert them into brand ambassadors. So, what more can brands do?

How HCL can help

Through its best-of-breed, outcome-driven CEM solution, and through partnerships with some of the global leaders in CEM, HCL helps organizations deliver experiences that matter to customers and make interactions with them easy, relevant and -- most importantly -- transparent.

Our "advise to execute" capability involves designing enterprise-wide customer experience strategies and implementing them using new-age technologies across the SMAC (social, mobility, analytics and cloud) stack.

What you can expect

HCL recognizes that superior customer experience can't be delivered only by focusing on customers and the front end.

Your employees and back-end systems play a vital role. Our solution can be used across the following areas:

  • Customer blueprinting and measurement
  • Behavior and experience analytics
  • Channel optimization and innovation
  • Business process integration and operations
  • Integrated view of the customer
  • Self-service enablement
  • Workforce productivity improvement
  • Customer-centric application re-engineering

What we've done for others

HCL has delivered significant value to customers in the financial services industry by helping them transform their business operations across enterprise IT initiatives.

HCL ensures that they achieve their business objectives through our business benefits realization methodology. In particular, we have:

  • Increased new-customer acquisition by up to 25% and acquisition rates by up to 40% for a leading financial institution in the US
  • Implemented an Omni channel customer experience tool that resulted in savings of $12m in channel operations and provided tools that reduced call duration by 14 to 23 seconds in a call center for a F500 financial services institution
  • Improved cross-selling and up-selling by five percent, decreased operational costs by 20% and decreased the cost to report across lines of business for a leading financial institution in the US by 50%
  • Developed two mobile apps for customers in Europe that have been recognized by Information Week and were awarded the Value Honors 2012 awards in their respective categories

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